1718 Sweden Carol XII Death Medal

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Condition  Very Fine
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Obv : Armoured bust right. With neck bandage, unbuttoned skirt and kings sash

Rev:  Entangled lion stepping left to free that itself out of its involvement rope

Historical Info:


This medal is to commemorate the King's death during the siege of Fredriksten's fortress at Fredrikshall in Norway, November 30, 1718, and burial at the Riddarholm Church in Stockholm on February 26, 1719.

 The engraver is Johann Carl Hedlinger. A Sweitzer who was employed at the Royal Mint in Stockholm after Arvid Karlsten died. Hedlinger was considered to be the best engraver in Europe at that time.



Diameter Weight Thickness
51.62 51.44 3.70
Edge Metal Mint
Plain Silver Swedish Royal Mint Stockholm
Circulation Mint Sets Proof
Catalogue References
Krause Coincraft Spink