1763 George III Northumberland Shilling

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Condition Very fine

The 1763 British shilling obverse features the armoured

laureate bust of King George III facing right, with the

surrounding legend: 'GEORGIVS-III DEI-GRATIA-'

The reverse shows a cruciform of crowned shields

representing George III's regal claims, an abbreviated

surrounding legend, and date divided above.

The top shield shows three lions to the left, representing

England, and one lion to the right representing Scotland.

The right shield shows three Fleur-de-lis, representing

France, the lower shield shows a harp, representing

Ireland and the left shield show the Hanoverian arms.

Also known as the 'Northumberland shilling', the Earl

of Northumberland had them struck and distributed 2,000

in Dublin on his appointment to Lord Lieutenant.

Diameter Weight Thickness
26.00 6.20
Edge Metal Mint
Milled diagonally Silver London
Circulation Mint Sets Proof
Catalogue References
Krause Coincraft Spink