1837-1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee bronze medallion

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This medallion was issued in several versions by T Brock and was issued as 'The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the official medal." 

The obverse features the veiled bust of the 'old head' Victoria with the inscription: - VICTORIA ANNVM REGNI SEXAGESIMVM FELICITER CLAVDIT XX IVN MDCCCXCVII 

The reverse depicts the famous young head portrait of Queen Victoria with the date of her accession to the throne (1837) below. To either side of the portrait is the inscription: - LONGITVDO DIERVM IN DEXTERA EIVS ET IN SINISTRA GLORIA 


Diameter Weight Thickness
54.00 74.00 5.00
Edge Metal Mint
Plain Bronze
Circulation Mint Sets Proof
Catalogue References
Krause Coincraft Spink