Undated Geneva Conservatory of Music silver Medal

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Type: Geneva Conservatory of Music Medal

Undated probably last quarter of the 19th century

 Switzerland, Geneva

Metal: silver

Diameter: 41.4 mm

Engrave MOGNETTI Samuel

Weight: 34.4 g.

Edge: Smooth

About this medal

The Geneva Conservatory of Music (CMG)

 is a school of music and theatre in 

Geneva, Switzerland.

  Founded in 1835 by the Geneva financier and patron 

François Bartholoni (1796-1881),

 the Geneva Conservatory of Music

 is the oldest musical education institution in Switzerland 

and one of the oldest conservatories in Europe.

 Franz Liszt is among his teachers in the first year of his history.

  The Place Neuve building was built between 1856 and 1858 

on the plans of the French architect 

Jean-Baptiste Lesueur. .

Diameter Weight Thickness
Edge Metal Mint
Circulation Mint Sets Proof
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